CBD Movers Owner Deepak Mandy

CBD Movers owner started as a local moving company in Melbourne and within 10 years CBD Movers has grown into one of the top removalists across worldwide. CBD Movers has started its moving business with two men and a single truck as of today more than 300 trucks and 1000 employees have been added. We have satisfied several customers over the past 10 years.

Since its inception in 2009, CBD Movers has continued to grow rapidly and develop a reputation with its clients for a level of personalized care and attention. CBD Movers has become a global leader in less than 10 years as a result of its innovative vision. We have completed 100000 moves in the last 12 months with its operations focused in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, Philippines and India. In short, CBD Movers has made its presence globally within a short period of time.

Deepak Mandy, CBD Movers owner, has started the moving business with a vision to satisfy the customer with all moving requirements. He knew exactly what customers were looking for when selecting the movers, and thus could fulfil and be satisfied. Also, read about what other businesses have struggled to achieve, and what their shortcomings are. With his industry expertise, Deepak Mandy used his skills to organize, develop and retain new customers. In less than a decade, their number of movements rose by 400 per cent per month (monthly average!). Together with a highly trained operations staff and fully accredited movers, CBD Movers has become one of the most successful removal companies in the world.

Deepak Mandy knew it would never flourish without the contribution of quality people from sales to operation to movers themselves. Starting a moving business is not something anyone can do. It takes an attitude of professionalism and commitment to bring value to the customer regardless of the size of the job or the identity of the customer.

CBD Movers is More Than Just a “Business”

For Deepak Mandy, CBD Movers has always been more than just a “moving business”. While he prides himself on high-quality moving and warehousing services, it is the primary feature that he provides that makes the business come alive. Forming strong relationships with customers is something he tries to work towards. He believes to treat their customers as more than just a number. His main goal is to provide a first-class service that caters to the needs of unique individuals with a deep appreciation for belongings. Due to his excellent approach and service to the customer, all requirements and expectations have been met that have brought his business to the highest level.

An Unparalleled Level of Professionalism

CBD Movers offers more than just boxes. It provides a level of professionalism in every moving job that is unparalleled and even unprecedented in the moving industry. Some of the key points we are trying to go the extra mile:

  • Laying floor coverings so as not to damage tiles or carpets when moving heavy loads.
  • Provide protection on the wall or handrail to protect against signs of friction when entering and exiting the home.
  • Work closely with clients on specific considerations so that all materials are packed, stored, unloaded and transported with the standard of care expected.
  • Evaluate the full scope of each move in advance, so clients know what costs and logistics to expect before moving day.
  • Offer a 24/7 safe and secure moving experience.
  • Working on tight deadlines and around the clock, ensuring that our clients are ready to move when it suits them.

CBD Movers owner Deepak Mandy is developing and enjoying a growing reputation as a moving company by incorporating values ​​into services. We care about our customers and enjoy the echoes of the happy mouth that sustain our enthusiasm for learning and progress. Today, CBD Movers can provide customized moving solutions worldwide with smart service partners who share the same core values.

Our movers are drug-tested and background-checked. In appearance and service delivery, they're also vetted in the industry and very competent. We also need ongoing training and certification so that any breakthrough in the industry ensuring a higher quality of service does not go unnoticed.

Best of all, they work in teams so they know each other, their place in the team, and what they're supposed to do. They work together every step of the way to make moving jobs happen quickly, thus ensuring an overall great experience for our clients.

Committed to Delivering Excellence

  • Communication, Reliability, Transparency, Courtesy, Empathy, Responsiveness, Availability, Security; We strive for perfection to meet the needs of all our customers.
  • In order to achieve our goal, we remain committed to developing our technologies and innovations.
  • Dynamic, efficient, fiercely competitive, and good business practice; We understand and interpret the requirements of our clients and focus on the client in all our dealings.

CBD Movers Adapting, Innovating, Serving and Developing for Your Peace of Mind

  • We are constantly working on strengthening our global network to be closer to our customers, meet their expectations as closely as possible.
  • Our global presence allows us to always be at the forefront of changes affecting the moving industry.
  • To ensure a smooth move, we evaluate all possible risks.

Core Values


Full corporate and personal accountability for the moving services we provide and the commitments we undertake. Moreover, we are all responsible for practicing safety in a business environment.


Our reputation is built and supported by doing the “right thing”, all the time, even when no one is watching.

Smart Growth

As we continually disclose solutions and opportunities to our clients and prospects, we will draw opportunities to increase and diversify our business volume, all towards a sustainable growth path for the company.


To achieve success in the service business, we leverage practical solutions and quality improvements in order to increase customer satisfaction and customer value appreciation. Each team member is empowered to bring new business perspectives towards more valuable approaches, and the company will strive to leverage technology to maintain a competitive advantage.


A stimulating and fulfilling environment will be provided to team members where they are allowed to evolve and improve as an individual to reach their goals. Many milestones have already been achieved by this positive working environment as a whole team. As a result, a happy employee will be the product of this environment and CBD Movers Owners become favored employers in the moving industry.

Cultural Anticipation

CBD Movers owners and employees adhere to a set of cultural expectations that are supposed to be actively exercised

Approach to Customer Interaction

Where comprehension, integrity and success are hallmarks of the experience.

Data-driven risk-taking

Taking smart risks is CBD Movers lifeblood to growth and innovation. We will earn a lot from our successes, and even more from our mistakes.

Creative conflicts practiced here

Asking or providing feedback is a strength because it fosters cooperation while acknowledging the imperfection that is inherent in us all.

A-class leadership

We expect our employees to make high-impact business and social contributions, particularly those in a position to directly lead or influence others. The keystones of this leadership are consistent coaching and mentorship.

Availability and Assistance from CBD Movers

CBD Movers owner Deepak Mandy know how daunting it can be to move from a place to another, that’s why we offer a personal and efficient moving service. Our company provides each client with a personal moving consultant who will assist with the paperwork, thus making the whole moving process easier.

Also, our platform provides 24/7 shipment tracking options using advanced technologies and techniques, so you can still be calm and aware of the location of your goods. We give our customers protected and monitored storage for their possessions to remain safe until the delivery itself.

What Makes CBD Movers Different From Other Moving Companies

  • Ethics- We are well aware that not all moving companies are known for being ethical. At CBD Movers, we strive to put ethics as our first priority. This means that our customers' needs come before ours and this is what distinguishes us from other people. For more than 10 years, we have dedicated ourselves to the highest standards and take pride in helping families to have successful relocation experiences.
  • Top-Notch Equipment- The fleet of CBD Movers trucks are state-of-the-art moving vans. That means they are designed specifically to safely transport household goods. To mitigate the risk of a failure, which might result in a delay, we retain them and require daily inspections.
  • High level of customer satisfaction- From the very beginning, we made it a practice to help our customers have the best moving experience possible. Moving is no easy task and we pride ourselves on giving every customer the "red carpet" treatment that they deserve. We've set a standard of customer service that doesn't block anything.

CBD Movers Approach

At CBD Movers, we have a long history of high-quality services and innovations. We always use the latest tools available to provide the best results for our clients.

Whether you need moving companies or moving services, the team at CBD Movers is second to none. We will ensure that every part of your service runs smoothly and efficiently.

Our world-class IT systems provide comprehensive support for our global network, the world's largest, from shipping information to accounting systems. These systems allow us to provide highly transparent and fast supply chain management services that are tailored to meet the needs of our customers, and our strategic logistics services help build new value for our customers. CBD Movers is committed to meeting globally recognized quality standards, security and environmental certifications and strives to be a leader in the moving industry globally by acquiring certifications for its locations around the world. Our environmental initiatives include taking measures to reduce the environmental impacts of our activities, including reducing carbon dioxide emissions and promoting the development of the recycling community.