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Deepak Mandy has more than 17 years of professional experience in the field of immigration and overseas education. He is known for offering unbiased and truthful advice to students who dream of pursuing their higher education abroad and also supporting families & businesses who cherish immigration dreams to foreign shores. Deepak Mandy has helped more than 2000 students and professionals fulfill their dreams of studying abroad and settling in overseas countries. His confidence, practical approach, and highest standards of immigration services are exceptional and the 95% success rate speaks about the quality of the work he has done so far. His diligence and professionalism are unmatched in the industry.

Deepak Mandy believes that he can be the guiding force to each student's success by providing them with all the guidance and assistance to study abroad. He has an extremely high success rate in Positive Skills Assessment which he is truly proud of. He has created a team that helps you from the start until the time you settle abroad. Deepak Mandy is well aware of all immigration rules and regulations and provides the best advice and services in this regard.

Deepak Mandy is very passionate about creating positive futures for students and families, he has played an important role in building businesses with a value system. He is well versed in procedure and law and is committed to providing the best possible solution to every applicant. Deepak Mandy is a calm, confident and very patient career coach while conducting a counseling session with his students. His vast knowledge of universities and courses makes its students easily choose what is best for them.

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A Guide For Life

Deepak Mandy not only guides students for their career goals, he makes sure to talk to their families for a better orientation in case they are seeking career or business opportunities to pursue their dreams to get settled in Australia, Canada or any part of the world. He strives to offer the best and most reliable life advice, has extensive expertise, and experience and has demonstrated immense strength by ensuring high-level clarity and integrity in his own life.

He has considerable experience in dealing with the complexities of the business, education choices, settling in foreign lands and of course the immigration process. His entrepreneurship expertise and business building experience allow him to successfully mentor people and companies to reach the zenith of their growth. He also assists and partners with individuals to set-up businesses in different sectors including IT, logistics, Real-estate, BPO and many more.

Deepak Mandy Helping People Fulfill Career, Life And Professional Objectives

Deepak Mandy provides his expert guidance to students, businesses, professionals, budding entrepreneurs and to people who want to move overseas to study, work or carry out a business. He guides people and assists them in selecting universities, professions, niches to carry out a business. When moving to a foreign country, you need authentic information and reliable services which can be gathered from web portals like I4visa which have become knowledge hubs for people looking to move to foreign lands. As the best education expert, he provides every sort of genuine and competent advice. He has established a solid reputation in the industry on a global level.

Overseas Education Consultancy has a complete set of services required to study abroad

An experienced consultants help the students at each stage of the study visa process

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Deepak Mandy

Deepak Mandy assists almost everyone who comes to him for advice or help. He like to interact with students seeking a career abroad to help them achieve their career goals. He helps students to choose the best career paths and universities along with courses as per their areas of interest.

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Profile Evaluation
It is required to give the appropriate guidance and assist the student in selecting the course as per their education.
University selection
The team of experts help to choose the university or college in which students want to study.
Preparing Financial Documents
An experienced team helps prepare the various financial documents required for obtaining a study visa.
Preparing Supporting Documents
Professional team members help to prepare the supporting documents that may be required to obtain a student visa.
Visa Consulting and interview
An expert advisor provides guidance for your visa interview. Students can clear the visa interview easily with their instructions.