Deepak Mandy, CEO of Work4you, a Mentor with a Technological Revolution! Firmsfinder

Over a decade ago, when people were hunting for the right professional services, the advocate of automation, “Deepak Mandy,” came up with an idea. The idea is to bridge the gap between organisations seeking professional services and the experts offering these services. As automation has always fascinated Mr. Deepak Mandy, he has been keen to […]

Invest In Real Estate In Australia Today – A 7 Points Checklist For Your Reference

You need a strong reason to part with your hard-earned money. Australia is going to give you plenty of those. If you are a strategic investor, you already know what factors to look into before investing in real estate in Australia. You know what goals you want to achieve and you have long-term property investment strategies already forming […]

Deepak Mandy CBD Movers Owner Offering Business Partnerships Worldwide

The benefits of creating a business partnership are numerous. It’s a chance to pool resources, and that person is likely to have abilities you don’t. Establishing a partnership with partners or investors can provide your organization with financial resources as well as talented, productive human capital if done correctly. Everyone has a favourite brand, but […]

Australia Commits Worth over $11 million for Indian students

During the joint presser, Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne has recently announced a series of new drives to upheave the education system. she has announced to build education and cultural ties between Australia and India, in regards to that she announced the ‘Maitri’ Scholars Program. Under this program, Indian students get USD 11 million for […]

A Guide to Overcoming Capital Raising Challenges While Expanding Business

Deepak Mandy is a business coach who has been building businesses Down Under all his life. From commendable expertise in the IT sector to a tight grasp on logistics, he has also been a mentor for budding entrepreneurs, giving genuine and effective business advice. As a business coach, Deepak Mandy understands the challenges that young, […]

New Business Start-up Strategic Plan

Establishing a new business can be amazing and challenging. You have to do market research, arrange finance, build contacts, secure a location, and perhaps hire staff. Before establishing your new business, it is recommended that you speak with an experienced business consultant about your new business idea. A business consultant will increase your knowledge and […]

PR Path For Brightest Students in Australia

International students interested in obtaining permanent residence in Australia may have better prospects in the future. A federal parliamentary committee on migration is examining measures to make the route to permanent residence in Australia more transparent for skilled workers. The Joint Standing Committee on Migration released a report on Australia’s skilled migration programme, which included […]

Australia Increases Visa Fees After a Rise in Citizenship Application Costs

Visa application costs for permanent and temporary residents have been raised by the federal government from July 1.  This is close to a hike in the cost of citizenship applications from $285 to $490.  The fee for the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT), which hears appeals on visa-related issues, has increased dramatically, from roughly $1,800 to […]

Skilled Migration Program of Victoria- 2021-22 Opening

The Skilled Migration Program for 2021-22 will start accepting new Registrations of Interest (ROIs) on July, 7 2021. The Department of Home Affairs has allocated 3,500 subclass 190 places and 500 subclass 491 places to Victoria. As part of our selection process this year, we will be looking for individuals who are presently living and […]

Face Masks will Be Made Mandatory in the Australian Capital Territory

As the situation in New South Wales continues to worsen, the ACT Government will make the wearing of face masks when out in the community mandatory.In the ACT, there are no active cases. However, since the safety of our community is important, we are bringing this requirement as a preventative measure to support the strengthened […]

Australian Organization has Stepped Forward to Assist Indian International Students Who are Experiencing Difficulties Due to COVID

Many Indian international students who stayed in Australia during the pandemic to complete their studies faced difficulties, including living alone and losing jobs due to COVID-related lockdowns. A number of students lost their jobs due to COVID. They felt alone and vulnerable but they chose to remain in the country since they were concerned that […]

Will International Students from India be Permitted to Return to Australia under the NSW Pilot Plan?

The New South Wales government announced the pilot plan on 10 June, stating that its administration intends to bring back 250 foreign students each week from abroad to Sydney, a number that is expected to grow to 500 students by the end of the year. This proposal is now awaiting approval from the federal government, […]

International Students will be Welcomed Back to NSW under a Pilot Quarantine Plan

International students will be welcomed back to New South Wales at the beginning of July, as part of a pilot quarantine plan announced by the state government. The government introduced the plan on Thursday, which would initially see 250 students quarantined in specially designated student housing every two weeks. The government said that the number […]

Australian Government Announces Support For International Students and Graduates

Australia is one of the desirable and welcoming study destinations for international students. The Australian government has announced a variety of visa measures intended to assist students. These visa measures will be temporary, and will only be in force for as long as they are required. Student Visa Fees Government will waive the visa application […]

COVID AID For Eligible International Students

International students studying in Australia may be eligible for temporary financial assistance in the state of Victoria. Australian Prime Minister stated on Thursday (June 3) that the government will provide up to 500 Australian dollars to employees harmed by the state’s extended lockdown. Eligibility Criteria For The Emergency Financial Assistance International students may be eligible […]

State-Sponsored Business Owner Visa

What is a State or Territory Sponsored Business Owner Visa? The State or Territory Sponsored Business Owner Visa is for overseas business owners who own or intend to own a business in Australia. It allows you to live permanently as a resident in the country. To apply as a primary applicant, you must meet the […]

Victoria Ready to Welcome Back International Students

Key Points: Victoria lifts travel restrictions on Western Australia Victoria reserves 120 seats for International Arrivals from May 2021 Victoria renews plans to accept International Students Victoria has made changes in travel rules from red to orange under the state’s travel permit system for the Peel and Perth regions of Western Australia. Under the orange […]

Vaccination Passports for International Students

Due to the pandemic, International students have been unable to travel to Australia after the country closed its border in 2020. With the delays in Australia’s vaccination rollout, the sector is asking the Australian government to establish a “Vaccination Passport” arrangement, CEO of IEAA Phil Honeywood added. A vaccination passport would permit overseas students If […]

Vaccinated Australians Can Travel Overseas

Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison said that Australians who got vaccinated can travel overseas and return home without going through hotel quarantine. Mr Morrison on Thursday said that Australia will begin to reconnect with the world by allowing Australians to travel for “essential reasons” such as medical reasons, business, important family events and funerals. Vaccinated […]

Strategy for International Education in Australia

International education is an important part of Australian culture. It offers Australian universities and citizens numerous cultural, profitable and social benefits. It establishes long-term relationships with cultures and people all around the world. The latest Australian strategy enables Australia’s international education sector to be more innovative, future-focused and globally competitive. Australian Government is developing new […]

Business Visa for Investors

People with Business skills who wanted to expand their business globally and own an existing business, they can get Australian permanent residency. Australia is offering a unique and family-friendly lifestyle with a high standard of living, social mobility and excellent educational opportunities.Australia has the most stable economic and political environment where you can invest your […]

Indian Entrepreneurs get their Australian Business Innovation and Investment Visa (Provisional) (subclass 188)

Congratulations to the Goyal family- Manish, Mehul, and Era on being approved for an Australian visa under the Australian Business Innovation and Investment Visa (Provisional) (subclass 188) category. Mr. Deepak Mandy has helped them to get their Australian business visa with all the appropriate guidance that was required from the very start till their visa […]

Are You Planning for International Education in Australia?

The Minister for Education and Youth – Alan Tudge said that their government is planning to shape the future of international education in Australia while launching consultations for the Australian strategy for International Education. Minister Tudge said that he would suggest that a key part of the strategy should be to make international students feel […]

Why Students Choose to Study in Australia?

Australia has always been a third favourite destination for international students and famous for its high-quality education, diverse culture, friendly native and laid back nature with the best infrastructure. Degrees awarded by Australian Universities are accepted by professional employers and fortune companies all over the world.  Reasons: Why Students Prefer to Study in Australia? Global […]

Business Innovation & Investment Visa – Permanent Visa to Australia

Want to work and live in Australia permanently as a resident? You require a business innovation and & investment visa (subclass 188). The visa allows individuals to own and administrate a new or existing business in Australia and live permanently as a resident in the country. A person after getting this visa can continue his […]

Business Investment Visa- 188 (Provisional)

For legit businessmen who wanted to start a new business in Australia, or wanted to invest in Australia. The Australian government provided many visas like 188 Visa that are specially made for Business Men. Genuine businessmen can take the benefits of all these Australian visas. The requirements for applying are very rigid. Appearing for visas […]

Business Setup Guide for Startups in Australia

This guide is intended to facilitate international investors and organizations looking to establish a company in Australia. Global Investors must take several factors into account when deciding how to enter the Australian market or establishing a business in Australia. In general, investors must decide whether to form a new company, register as a foreign company, […]

Concessions for Temporary Graduate 485 Australia Visas during COVID-19

The Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485) allows students who want to live, study and work in Australia on a temporary basis after completing their studies. The Temporary Graduate subclass 485 visa is a work visa for international students who have finished 2 years of study in Australia. It can last between a year and a […]

Australia and Singapore Planning to Set Up a Travel Bubble in July 2021

The Australian government is developing a strategy to make Singapore a quarantine gateway, tourist destination and vaccination center for returning Australians, international students and business travellers. The deal would help to boost the economy of Australia and clear the log jam of approx 40,000 Australians stuck overseas. Also, reopen the multibillion-dollar international student market at […]

Australia Wants Temporary Visa Holders to Return ‘As Soon As Possible’

After Covid-19 imposed border restrictions, newly appointed Immigration Minister Alex Hawke announced today that the government intends to allow temporary visa holders to return to the country as soon as possible, including international students and visitors. Immigration Minister, Mr. Hawke said the government is planning to open the international border soon. COVID taught us one […]

Australia’s Interstate Borders Fully Open for First Time Since COVID-19

Australians could travel freely around the country without any border restrictions since Covid-19. The entire country is enjoying free travel across interstate borders without having to undergo quarantine. It is the first time Western Australia has no quarantine requirements for any state since border restrictions were introduced last April. Under WA’s control border system all […]

Visa Applicants Need to Focus More on Australian Values

Australian Government has announced to focus on Australian values for visa applicants 2021. This will focus on values like equality, respect, freedom and the rule of law. Immigration Minister Alan Tudge said that there will be now one statement for both permanent and temporary visa applicants that confirms they understand the Australian values, its people […]

Australian Government Rebuilding The Economy Recession And Securing Australia’s Future

Australians will be approached to acknowledge another “risk framework” that opens the economy in Australia. Prime Minister Scott Morrison is asking states and territories to acknowledge another standpoint that puts a need on the Economy Recession, announcing “the risk has changed” since the intense limitations of a year ago.  The government approach underscores the strength […]

Australian Government Announced International Travel Could Resume by October

Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, has announced the international travel services resume by October 2021 after consideration of the vaccinated adult population. The opening of the international border would rely on various factors. The Australian government would be able to consider international flights after the adult population of Australia has been vaccinated against COVID-19. “That’s our […]

Informative Immigration Session with KVCC Overseas Education Experts

Deepak Mandy has given a valuable overseas immigration session to KVCC career consultants about the new Australia Govt. updates corresponding to 2021 student education immigration from India to Australia. In one to one session he elaborated and revealed how after Covid-19, it became difficult for students to dream about overseas education.  Mandy assured the experts […]

Australian Government Announced to Give Businesses $1.2 Billion in Wage Subsidies Program

70,000 New Apprentices for Students Apprenticeship Program will Boost Jobs for International Students Subsidy Expanded for the next 12 months Australian Government has announced thousands of new job opportunities for apprentices and trainees in 2021. The Boosting Apprenticeship Commencements wage subsidy program for new trainees and apprentices will be of 12 months who have signed […]

Recovery measures Individual businesses need to undertake

These times are demanding individual businesses today to be resilient in terms of their operation. With the increasing demand of consumers and the loss of staff and resources the situation could get catastrophic for the businesses. Businesses also have the opportunity to restructure their entire business. It could be either outside or inside a formal […]

The Path Ahead for Australian Businesses

The Path Ahead for Australian Businesses Australian businesses themselves need to work in an agile manner and actively contact customers as much as possible to make them aware and understand how you are handling the business in these circumstances. While doing so, businesses also need to keep in mind and oblige the Australian Consumer Law […]

Corrective measures to be undertaken over time to get businesses back

Corrective measures to be undertaken over time to get businesses back At these unprecedented times, it’s very important to take corrective measures to get the local, small and huge businesses back to working normal and earn profits. The Australian government has extended safe harbor protections until 31 December, 2020 for the directors. This will ensure […]

Australian Economy hit by Covid-19 crisis

Australian Economy hit by Covid-19 crisis Covid-19 has caused a great economic dive and caused recession all over the world. Australia also experienced a major dive in the economy in the pandemic period since the great depression. According to the data released on the country, Australia is experiencing recession for the first time in 28 years. The […]

Businesses gone for a downward spiral

Businesses gone for a downward spiral The pandemic has caused a great havoc in the lives of everyone especially students, IT corporations, businesses, small businesses.  According to a report the largest dive in the Australian economy was a total of 12.1% in the household spending which accounted for a 7% fall in business and industry. With the continuing struggle of […]