Victoria Ready to Welcome Back International Students


Victoria Ready to Welcome Back International Students

Key Points:

  1. Victoria lifts travel restrictions on Western Australia
  2. Victoria reserves 120 seats for International Arrivals from May 2021
  3. Victoria renews plans to accept International Students

Victoria has made changes in travel rules from red to orange under the state’s travel permit system for the Peel and Perth regions of Western Australia.

Under the orange zone, people are allowed to travel but are required to isolate until their negative test. If they receive a negative COVID-19 test result,  then travellers will be eligible to end their isolation early after travelling from Perth. 

People can finish isolating themselves after receiving a negative report who have entered Perth and Peel when they were declared orange zones. Whereas people who entered Victoria when it was declared as a red zone will have to wait for approval from the Department of Health.

Victoria has renewed plans to start accepting international students and other international arrivals from next month. 120 people per week would be quarantined in a hotel outside Victoria who would arrive under the existing quarantine system.

Travellers who would be allowed to travel into Victoria from May 24 will include international students, actors and film crew, and major event organisers.

The Victorian government said that on the advice of their public health experts they have a proposal for a dedicated quarantine plan for economic cohorts, including international students. They would work together to welcome back international students.