Vaccination Passports for International Students


Vaccination Passports for International Students

Due to the pandemic, International students have been unable to travel to Australia after the country closed its border in 2020. With the delays in Australia’s vaccination rollout, the sector is asking the Australian government to establish a “Vaccination Passport” arrangement, CEO of IEAA Phil Honeywood added.

A vaccination passport would permit overseas students If international students can provide evidence of vaccination before boarding their flight. The Australian government is concerned with ensuring that the type of vaccine meets its health clearance protocols and that there is some independent verification that the student has actually been vaccinated. 

The chief executive of Australian Universities, Catriona Jackson said we hope the issues with the vaccination program won’t delay the return of overseas students. He said any further delay in reopening international borders for international students will mean a huge loss to Australian universities and national prosperity. 

The government is looking forward to the peaceful return of international students, who bring a great deal of cultural and economic prosperity, adding $40 billion to the GDP and supporting 250,000 jobs.

Catriona Jackson called for a national plan to bring universities, state and territory governments, and the Commonwealth together to coordinate safe return efforts. Border closures are causing increasing concern among Australian institutions that depend on international students.

The education department said that International students are an integral part of the Australian community and will be welcomed back with the help of “Vaccination Passport”.