Visa Applicants Need to Focus More on Australian Values


Visa Applicants Need to Focus More on Australian Values

Australian Government has announced to focus on Australian values for visa applicants 2021. This will focus on values like equality, respect, freedom and the rule of law.

Immigration Minister Alan Tudge said that there will be now one statement for both permanent and temporary visa applicants that confirms they understand the Australian values, its people and way of life.

“Our common qualities join us as Australians and support the opportunity and thriving that makes our country so alluring for the large numbers of immigrants who decide to visit, work and settle here.” Alan Tudge added.

The Australian Government’s focus is to enable immigrants to take a full part in the community as they become part of Australia.

Alan Tudge said “Immigrants who want to settle in Australia permanently will also have to make reasonable efforts to learn English, so they can fully participate in the community and have the best possible chance to get a job. There is no new test or threshold associated with this change.”

As recently reported, the new Australian Citizenship Test​ will be more grounded center around Australian qualities that happened on 15 November.

These changes are a part of the Morrison Government’s $62.8 million investment in protecting Australian social cohesion, which builds on the $71 million social cohesion package announced in March 2019.

Who Should Sign the Australian Values Statement?

Provisional, permanent and temporary visa applicants who are aged 18 years or over have to sign or accept an Australian Values Statement at the time of submitting their application, acknowledging Australian values and undertaking.  It has to be signed by immigrants before being granted a visa.