Are You Planning for International Education in Australia?


Are You Planning for International Education in Australia?

The Minister for Education and Youth – Alan Tudge said that their government is planning to shape the future of international education in Australia while launching consultations for the Australian strategy for International Education.

Minister Tudge said that he would suggest that a key part of the strategy should be to make international students feel welcome and appreciated as they are very important. 

The Australian government wants international students back as and when the COVID-19 situation allows, Minister Tudge also added that the COVID-19 disruption allows us to look at the sector and ensure it is working in the long-term for students and Australia, 

Minister Tudge said the Australian government is looking forward to the betterment of international enrollments towards our nation’s future skills needs, growing Australian businesses, creating more local jobs and add to our economic recovery.

The Hon Phil Honeywood, CEO of the International Education Association of Australia and Convener of the Expert Members of the Council for International Education, also said that the new strategy is an opportunity to establish a shared vision for Australian international education.

Mr Honeywood added that in the last two decades more than three million international students have studied in Australia. This has added to the vibrancy of Australian communities. They are looking forward to a national conversation on how they can work together to ensure that Australian international education meets the challenges in the future.