Concessions for Temporary Graduate 485 Australia Visas during COVID-19


Concessions for Temporary Graduate 485 Australia Visas during COVID-19

The Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485) allows students who want to live, study and work in Australia on a temporary basis after completing their studies.
The Temporary Graduate subclass 485 visa is a work visa for international students who have finished 2 years of study in Australia. It can last between a year and a half and 4 years relying upon your circumstance.
It is a decent method to stretch out your stay in Australia to improve your chances of getting qualified for a permanent or provisional skilled visa.
The candidate looking for a Temporary Graduate 485 Visa should be in Australia while making their application for the 485 visas and should be having a qualified student visa within a 6-month time frame preceding lodgement.
This is a temporary visa. Students can access up to two of these visas: a second 485 can be allowed to understudies who graduated from a Regional University or organization. This visa permits students to remain in Australia for up to four years.

To apply, a candidate should meet the following criteria:

  1. Age should be under 50 years
  2. Have an eligible visa
  3. Student visa should not be more than 6 months
  4. have a qualification in a CRICOS-registered course
  5. select just one stream – After applying there is no possibility to change visa streams.
  6. attach specified proofs when you apply.

The Department is thinking about choices for influenced students both in Australia and abroad because of COVID-19.
The new COVID-19 Concessions for Subclass 485 (TR) are to guarantee candidates are not impeded by conditions outside their ability to control, including border closures, restrictions imposed on businesses and the general economic downturn related to COVID-19.
The new changes revise the application requirements and visa measures for the Subclass 485 (Temporary Graduate) visa, to help international students, by permitting applications for this post-study visa to be produced using outside Australia during a concession period. The alterations additionally permit the visa to be granted to a candidate who is outside Australia. Preceding this change, all candidates were expected to be in Australia to apply for the visa and after fulfilling this condition visa was allowed. These amendments are expected to offer former students a chance to go back to Australia by acquiring a visa the legitimate way. They can get back and relive the time they have spent in Australia.

The new changes are:

  1. Permit candidates need to apply and should truly be a Subclass 485 visa while being outside Australia during a concession period;
  2. Permit applications to be made from outside of Australia during a concession period without the standard requirements to have held a student visa within a 6-month time frame immediately before preceding making the application.
  3. Stretch out the time frame to meet the Australian Study Requirement (for example the time frame between finishing the study and applying for the Subclass 485 visa), from 6 months to 12 months for candidates kept from getting back to Australia because of COVID-19 travel limitations.