Australia Wants Temporary Visa Holders to Return ‘As Soon As Possible’


Australia Wants Temporary Visa Holders to Return ‘As Soon As Possible’

After Covid-19 imposed border restrictions, newly appointed Immigration Minister Alex Hawke announced today that the government intends to allow temporary visa holders to return to the country as soon as possible, including international students and visitors.

Immigration Minister, Mr. Hawke said the government is planning to open the international border soon. COVID taught us one thing, and that is, we must cherish tourists to our economy and temporary visa holders. Mr. Hawke said we want them back as soon as possible. He believes that migration will be crucial to Australia’s recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.

That’s why the government is expanding our vaccination program and planning to open our international borders so that we can have visitors in our country who spend so much money and also, international students which is largest export sectors of our country, they both add value to the Australian economy. Mr. Alex said we want them back.

Mr. Alex Hawke’s statement comes as the latest data from the Ministry of Home Affairs shows that offshore international students’ visa applications have dropped by 65% in the second half of 2020 relative to the previous year 2019. He also said the biggest drop has been seen in visa applications from India- which is the largest source of students to Australia.

Mr. Hawke said he believes that international students visa applications will surely rise once they reopen the country’s border because we have the best education system internationally.