Australia and Singapore Planning to Set Up a Travel Bubble in July 2021


Australia and Singapore Planning to Set Up a Travel Bubble in July 2021

The Australian government is developing a strategy to make Singapore a quarantine gateway, tourist destination and vaccination center for returning Australians, international students and business travellers.

The deal would help to boost the economy of Australia and clear the log jam of approx 40,000 Australians stuck overseas. Also, reopen the multibillion-dollar international student market at Australian universities, which has been smashed by the international border closure.

Australians would also be allowed to travel to Singapore for work purposes or leisure without any quarantine restriction. New Zealand could also be involved in what would become a three-way travel bubble that the government will be running up from July or August.

Mr. Dan Tehan, Minister of Trade, and Mr. Stuart Robert, Minister of Government Services, guiding the strategy and overseeing behind-the-scenes policy activity. Mr.Tehan confirmed he had discussed the plan with his Singaporean coordinator Chan Chun Sing.

Mr.Tehan said Singapore is eager to collaborate with Australia on a proof of vaccination certificate and our officials have decided to unite on this. Under the plan, Singaporeans who have received their vaccination will be free to travel to Australia for work, research, or vacation without any restrictions of hotel quarantine for two weeks.

Alternatively, a person who received a COVID-19 vaccine in Singapore and obtained a Singapore “proof of vaccination” certificate, which will be recognized by Australia, could speed up their entry into Australia and potentially avoid a hotel quarantine or a one-week quarantine.

Using Singapore to repatriate Australians and resume tourism and business travel would significantly relieve pressure on hotel quarantine systems in the states and the federal government’s Howard Springs facility.