Australia’s Interstate Borders Fully Open for First Time Since COVID-19


Australia’s Interstate Borders Fully Open for First Time Since COVID-19

Australians could travel freely around the country without any border restrictions since Covid-19. The entire country is enjoying free travel across interstate borders without having to undergo quarantine. It is the first time Western Australia has no quarantine requirements for any state since border restrictions were introduced last April.

Under WA’s control border system all states are now classified as “ very low risk”. Australians are really happy now they can travel anywhere and can meet their friends and family without any restrictions.

It is good news for international students who are going to study in Australia as there are no quarantine requirements. It will be helpful for students to save money on quarantine expenses. Now students can easily travel to Australia for studies and fulfil their dreams.

The Australian government is also introducing work opportunities for students so they can manage their daily expenses. The Australian government is doing everything for international students so they can easily get admission to Australian universities.

Opening the interstate border can rebuild the Australian economy and secure Australia’s future. Due to Covid-19 Australian economy has reached its first recession in almost 30 years but now the government is introducing an economic plan that would generate opportunities and restore the economy.

Also, the Covid-19 vaccine has come to Australia, soon everyone will get vaccinated and we will get rid of coronavirus so there is no possibility that the border will close anytime now.