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Deepak Mandy an education expert who guides students to get admissions in all major international (overseas) education destinations has been at the forefront to provide information and guidance to Indian students who have been living in a dearth of facilities and information. Deepak Mandy has helped numerous students get enrolled and admitted into Australian & Canadian universities since the past many years. He always has dreamt of helping students to pursue overseas education and flourish in their life.

He has been helping students for 17 years and keeps in touch with students via his personal website, i4visa, kvccglobal and his social media pages to counsel them to meet their career goals. Interacting with hundreds and thousands of students dreaming of an international career is made possible by Deepak Mandy via his ventures - i4visa and KVCC Global.


Education Expert Par Excellence

Due to his global exposure, Deepak Mandy has the ability to guide businesses and students to achieve success in their specific fields. He provides holistic education guidance to students to fulfill their dreams to study overseas in globally acclaimed educational institutions especially the ones located in Australia and Canada. With years of business exposure and an unmatched business acumen, he also assists businesses to adapt to market dynamics and stay competitive in today’s world. Mandy has developed multiple ways to deal with complex business challenges.

Career & Lifestyle

Deepak Mandy via i4visa helps students to choose and guide them according to their area of interest while promising students to guide them in the right direction and fulfilling their dream of overseas education.

We also help students to get part-time jobs to fulfil their daily expenses and maintain a good lifestyle while studying in overseas Australian or Canadian top notch colleges or universities.

Best Education Expert

Fulfilling Students Dream

Deepak Mandy has been fulfilling his promise of helping students to get all the assistance, help and guidance required for overseas education through i4visa. He knows that each student has different sets of aspirations, talent, abilities which need proper guidance and mentorship. Deepak Mandy holds the peak level of honesty and integrity to guide students. He ensures that every student gets an opportunity to study abroad and helps students to make the best education decision about their future depending on their interest & skills.

Deepak Mandy

A Personality With A Global Exposure

Deepak Mandy makes sure to guide people to help them fulfill their life dreams ranging from settling in International locations like Australia, Canada, Europe to hand holding businesses by partnering and mentoring with them. He owns several businesses in the niches of logistics, IT, Real-estate, BPO, KPO.

He has made a name in all the businesses however education and interacting with students remains at the center of his heart.

i4visa provides students with all the necessary information and guidance to set a rewarding future by obtaining world-class education from International locations.

Why Study In Canada & Australia?

There are a number of students who want to study in Australia & Canada due to their high level of education standard. Those students who pursue their education from Canadian & Australian universities have many opportunities to get their dream jobs world-wide. Australian & Canadian universities have well-known professors who educate students at the top-level. They both have diverse cultures, highest employability levels and welcome international students with a warm heart.


Path to Success for Students

i4visa is an education consulting firm that helps Indian students to get guidance, information and ground logistics for overseas education to pursue their dream. At i4visa guidance to hundreds of students to make their foreign education dream a reality is the sole motive. I4visa aims to ensure that students must be aware of the requirements, the process involved and the facilities to get enrolled in global universities, colleges and courses around the globe. With several partner institutions, i4visa provides students with the option to study in some of the best universities and colleges across the globe. All you have to do is contact i4visa and they will handle everything at their end, from suggesting the right exam to visa and accommodation suggestions.

Why i4visa?

i4visa specializes in helping students fulfill their dream of studying abroad at universities which are acclaimed internationally for their courses and placements.

i4visa provides students with tailored career paths that perfectly suit their profiles and future goals.
i4visa always strives to provide students with ethical counseling by only giving them the most genuine and honest advice.
i4visa’s goal is to give personal attention to each and every student while keeping in mind their educational qualifications, financial background and aspirations.
With the team of experienced counselors, I4visa also assists students with their documentation and visa interviews.
i4visa understands how difficult it is for students to move abroad for higher education, that's why they go the extra mile to make sure that students get a big jump in their career in every possible way.

So if you are not sure which course or university you will choose, i4visa can help you with the most fitted road map possible. Deepak Mandy makes it sure to show these students the right path via i4visa, Facebook and Twitter.

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