Key Points:

  1. Victoria lifts travel restrictions on Western Australia
  2. Victoria reserves 120 seats for International Arrivals from May 2021
  3. Victoria renews plans to accept International Students

Victoria has made changes in travel rules from red to orange under the state’s travel permit system for the Peel and Perth regions of Western Australia.

Under the orange zone, people are allowed to travel but are required to isolate until their negative test. If they receive a negative COVID-19 test result,  then travellers will be eligible to end their isolation early after travelling from Perth. 

People can finish isolating themselves after receiving a negative report who have entered Perth and Peel when they were declared orange zones. Whereas people who entered Victoria when it was declared as a red zone will have to wait for approval from the Department of Health.

Victoria has renewed plans to start accepting international students and other international arrivals from next month. 120 people per week would be quarantined in a hotel outside Victoria who would arrive under the existing quarantine system.

Travellers who would be allowed to travel into Victoria from May 24 will include international students, actors and film crew, and major event organisers.

The Victorian government said that on the advice of their public health experts they have a proposal for a dedicated quarantine plan for economic cohorts, including international students. They would work together to welcome back international students.

Due to the pandemic, International students have been unable to travel to Australia after the country closed its border in 2020. With the delays in Australia’s vaccination rollout, the sector is asking the Australian government to establish a “Vaccination Passport” arrangement, CEO of IEAA Phil Honeywood added.

A vaccination passport would permit overseas students If international students can provide evidence of vaccination before boarding their flight. The Australian government is concerned with ensuring that the type of vaccine meets its health clearance protocols and that there is some independent verification that the student has actually been vaccinated. 

The chief executive of Australian Universities, Catriona Jackson said we hope the issues with the vaccination program won’t delay the return of overseas students. He said any further delay in reopening international borders for international students will mean a huge loss to Australian universities and national prosperity. 

The government is looking forward to the peaceful return of international students, who bring a great deal of cultural and economic prosperity, adding $40 billion to the GDP and supporting 250,000 jobs.

Catriona Jackson called for a national plan to bring universities, state and territory governments, and the Commonwealth together to coordinate safe return efforts. Border closures are causing increasing concern among Australian institutions that depend on international students.

The education department said that International students are an integral part of the Australian community and will be welcomed back with the help of “Vaccination Passport”.

Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison said that Australians who got vaccinated can travel overseas and return home without going through hotel quarantine.
Mr Morrison on Thursday said that Australia will begin to reconnect with the world by allowing Australians to travel for “essential reasons” such as medical reasons, business, important family events and funerals.
Vaccinated people would still need to quarantine at home instead of going through hotel quarantine. The Australian government has been planning when and how they can open borders to the world, beyond the New Zealand travel bubble, Scott Morrison added
According to Mr Morrison if they lift the borders for people to come, then there would increase in the Covid-19 cases 1000 cases a week or more. Therefore it would require to get vaccinated as it would be an important incentive for Australians to do that.
Currently, Australians can apply for an exemption from the government to travel overseas, unless they’re travelling to New Zealand as part of the Trans-Tasman bubble.
Health Minister Greg Hunt also said that COVID-19 vaccination does not alone guarantee that they can open up the borders and have to look for other factors too.

International education is an important part of Australian culture. It offers Australian universities and citizens numerous cultural, profitable and social benefits. It establishes long-term relationships with cultures and people all around the world. The latest Australian strategy enables Australia’s international education sector to be more innovative, future-focused and globally competitive.

Australian Government is developing new strategies for International student to ensure that the education sector is sustainable and continues to be able to deliver quality outcomes for international students and the new strategies will:

  • Acknowledge the changing environment
  • guide the recovery of the sector from Covid-19
  • Strengthens our reputation for high-quality education and training
  • Describe our priorities and commitment to international education over the next 10 years
  • Provide the innovation and responsiveness of the education sector
  • React to new opportunities, including changes in student demands
  • Maintain our status as an influential and dependable international education partner

How we will develop the new Australian strategies for international students

We invite and collaborate with the entire sector to develop a new strategy:

To get participate, you can:

  • Respond to the consultation paper on strategy
  • Take part in the public webinar

The consultation paper was developed by the expert member of the council for International Education in collaboration with our department. It describes our proposed vision and goals for the strategy, and immediate priorities for the over the next 10 years.

To take part on developing the new strategies for international education, you can:

People with Business skills who wanted to expand their business globally and own an existing business, they can get Australian permanent residency. Australia is offering a unique and family-friendly lifestyle with a high standard of living, social mobility and excellent educational opportunities.
Australia has the most stable economic and political environment where you can invest your savings to expand your business and live your life to the fullest.
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Basic Eligibility

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  • visa application submission.

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Business innovation stream

This provisional visa for those people who want to own, develop, and manage a new business or exciting business in Australia. You should have a nomination by an Australian State or Territory government agency.

  • You can stay up to 4 years and 3 months
  • Cost of Investment from AUD 5,375

Investor stream

The minimum amount of investment required is 1.5 million AUD in an Australian State or Territory. The applicant for this business investment visa also needs to continue investment activity in Australia.

  • You can stay up to 4 years and 3 months
  • Cost of Investment from AUD 5,375

Significant investor stream

In the case of this business investment visa, the minimum investment is 5 million AUD in a new or an existing business in Australia. Active investment is required.

  • You can stay up to 4 years and 3 months.
  • Cost of Investment from AUD 7,880

Business Innovation Extension stream

Holders of the Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa (subclass 188) in the Business Innovation stream can prolong their stay in Australia for an additional two years, or up to four years if COVID-19 concessions apply.

  • You can stay in Australia for a total of six years from the date your Subclass 188 visa in the Business Innovation stream is granted.
  • You can only hold one Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa (subclass 188) at a time
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Significant Investor Extension stream

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  • You can stay up to 4 years and 3 months
  • Cost of Investment from AUD 9,455

Entrepreneur stream

This provisional visa allows you to carry out entrepreneurial activities in Australia. You should initially be nominated by an Australian State or Territory government agency.

  • You can stay up to 4 years and 3 months
  • Cost of Investment from AUD 4,045


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The Minister for Education and Youth – Alan Tudge said that their government is planning to shape the future of international education in Australia while launching consultations for the Australian strategy for International Education.

Minister Tudge said that he would suggest that a key part of the strategy should be to make international students feel welcome and appreciated as they are very important. 

The Australian government wants international students back as and when the COVID-19 situation allows, Minister Tudge also added that the COVID-19 disruption allows us to look at the sector and ensure it is working in the long-term for students and Australia, 

Minister Tudge said the Australian government is looking forward to the betterment of international enrollments towards our nation’s future skills needs, growing Australian businesses, creating more local jobs and add to our economic recovery.

The Hon Phil Honeywood, CEO of the International Education Association of Australia and Convener of the Expert Members of the Council for International Education, also said that the new strategy is an opportunity to establish a shared vision for Australian international education.

Mr Honeywood added that in the last two decades more than three million international students have studied in Australia. This has added to the vibrancy of Australian communities. They are looking forward to a national conversation on how they can work together to ensure that Australian international education meets the challenges in the future.


Australia has always been a third favourite destination for international students and famous for its high-quality education, diverse culture, friendly native and laid back nature with the best infrastructure. Degrees awarded by Australian Universities are accepted by professional employers and fortune companies all over the world. 

Reasons: Why Students Prefer to Study in Australia?

  • Global Recognition of Academic Degrees and Courses.
  • World-class diverse education
  • Wide variety of courses and degrees 
  • Scholarship for International Students 
  • Work while studying

Benefits of Studying in Australia:

Affordable Living and Study Cost:

Study and living cost in Australia is quite affordable and the cost of living in Australia is lower than other countries.

High Class Education: 

Australia takes pride in their A-list standard of education with best infrastructure and high class education systems for international students . All schools and colleges are equipped with the best state-of-the-art facilities with cutting edge technology. Education institutes additionally offer a comfortable learning environment and scholarship for international students .

Scholarship Benefits:

While studying in a foreign land and covering the cost of education with other expenses is normally an issue for international students who wish to intend an international education. Australian government perceives to offer good education opportunities with scholarships for international students, which is helping students to manage their living and study expenses.  

Work While Studying:

International students can work part-time while on a student visa, which will additionally help them to lower the cost of studying in Australia. Working during studies helping students to afford the cost of education and living expenses.

Post-Study Work Opportunities:

International students have the chance to invest more time in Australia after the completion of their studies. During the study, they can work as long as 20 hours every week to meet their daily costs and gain some work experience. This work experience will help them to get their dream job after the completion of their studies. 

Temporary graduate visa (subclass 485) permits you to stay in Australia and work after you complete your studies.